Moore Family

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Welcome to the Moore Family Website


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When not gainfully employed in an office somewhere in Melbourne I can be found abseiling in Yosemite, cutting ice steps into North Face or free diving alongside blue whales to new depths of the Pacific Trench ....... thankfully I have yet to be out of gainful employment.

This web site was born out of a desire to exercise the aging grey matter, publish some of my family history and have some fun along the journey.
It is definitely a work in progress and I invite you to visit again to view additions and alterations as the website continues to evolve and grow.

I look forward to hearing from other family researchers who may have a link into my family and want to share further information, whether it be a family recipe, contributing a family related article or having photographs to add.

If you want to start exploring your family click the Genealogy tab above or click here.
If you want to start exploring some old (and not so old) family recipes click the Recipes tab above or click here.

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