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51 (Medical):le REMNANT, Elliot Vernon (I2678)
52 (Medical):Mavis died in Palmerston North Hospital. GIFKINS, Mavis Eileen Grace (I6387)
53 (Medical):Medical Attendant : F.N. Irvine MD (Edin) Last seen alive 10 Feb 1883 GILL, Henry (I700)
54 (Medical):Medical attendant = George Phillips Last seen alive 29 May 1916 WILDBORE, Charles Lee (I353)
55 (Medical):Medical attendant = R.E. Austin Last seen alive 6th Jan. WILDBORE, Louisa (Maud) (I189)
56 (Medical):Medical attendant was H.H. Gray Last seen alive 10th December WILLIAMS, Leonard Joseph (I636)
57 (Medical):Medical attendent was S.A.Lucas who saw him last alive 6/October. MOORE, Henry (I256)
58 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WOOD, Beverley Eileen May (I18)
59 (Medical):Refer Death Certificate ATCHISON, Zetta May (I766)
60 (Medical):Rheumatic fever as a child. Heart disease from late 1940's MOORE, William Herbert (I222)
61 (Medical):Septicaemia following an abortion. LE PROU, Amelia Julia (Annie) (I12)
62 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WOOD, Darryl Peter (I46)
63 (Medical):Stroke caused loss of use of arm & leg BRICKLAND, William Charles Joseph (I1953)
64 (Medical):Suffered Elzheimer disease WILDBORE, Eric Maurice (I642)
65 (Medical):Suffered hip problems last 18 months TUNNICLIFFE, Peggy Ann (I1165)
66 (Medical):Suffers from Crohns disease SANDBERG, David Albin (I459)
67 (Medical):Thelma also suffered from polymyalgia in later life. BRICKLAND, Thelma Annah (I333)
68 (Medical):This is in the Medical Notes CALLAGHAN, Cornelius (I3499)
69 (Medical):w REMNANT, George (I2809)
70 (Papers Past - Wanganui Herald, Volume XII, Issue 3218, 30 August 1878, Page 2)

WOOD - PICKUP. On the 29th August at the Wesleyan Church, by the Rev Mr Lee, Arthur Wood, eldest son of the late Thomas Wood, of Wilberry near Marton, to Mary Ann Pickup second daughter of Mr William Pickup of Leatham Farm, No 1 Line Wanganui. 
Family F1712
71 (Parr's Road) GIFKINS, George Henry (I6319)
72 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GILLESPIE, Jessica Hannah (I2012)
73 (Research):Believed to have come out from Scotland - family owned a brewery ???

Inherited plumbing business from uncle.
Was a queens apprentice in England
Good sportsman, and drinker.
Short thick set with fast reflexes. 
GILLESPIE, Peter (I1614)
74 (Research):There is a Sep 1840 marriage in Bradfield for Mary Anne Moore
Two possibilities: Frederick May or James Bosher 
MOORE, Mary Ann (I3749)
75 (Research):This is in the Research Notes CALLAGHAN, Cornelius (I3499)
76 (Research):Waimarie was living in a retirement home in Mangawai at the time of her death. Her daughter Faith was also living in Mangawai. (ex William Frederick McCarthy) STAFFORD, Waimarie Margaret Georgina (I660)
77 (Research):Was Henry MOORE son of William & Elizabeth and christened 8th February 1767 in Hurst, Berkshire? MOORE, Henry (I477)
78 (St John Parish) BRICKLAND, Amelia (Emma) (I1945)
79 (St Olaves Parish) BRICKLAND, John (I186)
80 *********************
Ex Hamilton City Council Cemeteries on-line database:
Type : Cremation
Name : Donald Benjamin Le Prou
Age : 54 Years
Gender : Male
Religion : N/R
Last Address : 26 Hyde Ave Hamilton
Place of death : N/R
Date of birth : N/R
Date of death : 25-January-1992
Date of cremation : Tuesday 28-January-1992
Date of ashes disposal : N/R
Ashes disposal method : Returned To FD
Cemetery : Hamilton Park Cemetery
Location : N/R
District : N/R
Funeral Director : James R Hill Funeral Directors
Casket size : N/R
Depth : N/R 
LE PROU, Donald Benjamin (I2301)
81 **********************

ex Purewa Cemetery website.
First Names: William Charles
Age: 73 Years
Gender: Male
Date of Death: 03 Aug 1985
Religion: Anglican
Serial No: 50358
Date of Service and/or Interment: 06 Aug 1985
Type Of Service: n/s
Funeral Director: Sibuns Funeral Advisors, 582 Remuera Road, Remuera, AUCKLAND
Ashes Disposal: Returned
Ashes scatterd under Flame tree in Dove-Myer Robinson Park (aka Parnell Rose Gardens), Auckland 
BRICKLAND, William Charles (I480)
82 **********************
Ex Minnesota Cemetery Inscription Index
Township: Stanton
County: Goodhue
Name: Helena Johanna Frettem
Birth Date: 4 Nov 1909
Death Date: 27 Jul 1996
Cemetery: Wangen Prairie
Section: W 
SANDAHL, Helena Johanna (I745)
83 ***********************
1920 was residing in Stillwater Ward 3, Washington, MN 
JANSSON, Alvida Ingeborg (I2431)
84 ****************************
Source      NZSG Cemetery Fiche
Surname      MALCOLM-SMITH
Given Names      Thomas
Year of Death      1971
Record Number      26924
Record Type      M/I
Age      N/R  (Note: Cemetery Office & Funeral Director records age as 66 yo)
Location      Waikumete Vol 9 (Protestant) B02.27
MALCOLM-SMITH, Dr Thomas (I5137)
85 **********************************

2006 Extraction from LDS Records:
Registres de l'état civil, 1792-1902, Ten year indexes, Births, Marriages, Deaths
St Samson de la Roque: Naissances, mariages, décès 1813 - 1862
Birth Certificate of Emile Edmond 1832

L'an mil huit Cent trente Deux, le Six Septembre huit heure du Soir, par Devant nous maire officier de l'etat Civil de la Commune de Saint Samson sur Risle, Canton de Quilbeuf arrondissement de Pontaudemer Departement de Leur, est comparu Jean Louis le prou agée de trente deux ans, Journalier, lequel nous a presenté un enfant de sexe masculin, né dihier a quatre heure du matin, de lui déclarant en sa maison, a Saint Samson et de marguerite Janne victoire cardine, agée de vingt huit ans, Son épouse : et auquel il a déclaré vouloir donner les prénoms de émille Edmond Les Dittes declarations et presentations faites en presence de Jean Romain nostant ( ?????), Journalier, agée quarante huit ans, et de louis adrien de Lahaies retraité des Douannes, agée de Cinquante Deux ans, tous Deux Demeurant dans Cette Commune, et ont
Les père et témoins, Six A, signé avec nous Le present acte de naissance, après qu'il leur en a été fait lecture

Translation  (courtesy of Christine Wurtz) :
In the year 1832, on the 6th  September at eight o'clock in the evening, in front of us mayor officer of the Civil State of the Commune of Saint Samson sur Risle, district of Quilbeuf, 'arrondissement' ([sub district]) of Pontaudemer, department of Eure, appeared Jean Louis le prou aged thirty two, journeyman, who presented to us a male child, born yesterday at four o'clock in the morning, of him declaring in his house, at Saint Samson and of Marguerite Janne Victoire Cardine, aged twenty eight, his wife : and to whom [child] he declared he wished to give the first names of émille Edmond. The said declarations and presentations, said in the presence of Jean Romain (???), Journeyman, aged forty eight, and Louis Adrien de Lahaies, retired of the Customs ([retired custom officer]), aged fifty two, both residing in this Commune, have ..
The father and witnesses, signed the present birth declaration after having obtained lecture of it.

Personal notes from Christine :
A "Journalier" is similar to a Journeyman, as they were also frequently found in the UK. People who worked on a "daily basis" (=Journalier), one day here, tomorrow elsewhere, paid for the day. It is not an occupation but describes how the person works.
A Journalier was commonly someone working on a farm... but not always.
A "retraité des Douanes" : the Douanes were the places where taxes where collected on goods. Nowadays it is slightly different, the Douanes are the border officers who control what goes in/out the country - goods and people - though we have now removed the Douanes in the Schengen space of Europe and the Douanes officers now patrol for illegal immigrants or undeclared imported goods. "Retraité" is someone who is retired.

(Many thanks to Christine for her assistance with the above translation)
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume I, Issue 69, 16 March 1877, Page 2
Port of Akaroa - Arrived
1877, March 14 - Flying Squirrel, ketch, 19 tons from Lyttelton, Captain Munro
20 tons coal - Beecher
31 pkgs - order
2 tons flour, 5 pkgs - Shadbolt
20 coils wire - Magee
23 Bars iron - Le Prou
2 pumps, 2 pkgs - Bayley
1 pkg - Wallace
ex Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume 4, Issue 314, 22 July 1879, Page 2:

Akaroa Resident Magistrate's Court
Monday July 21 1879 (Before Justin Aylmer Esq, RM)
E.E. Leprou was, on the application of
his wife, Madeline Leprou, bound over to
keep the peace for twelve months, himself
in £30 and two sureties in £15 each.
In default, three months imprisonment.
The Court then adjourned.
ex Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, Volume 5, Issue 455, 30 November 1880, Page 2:

Akaroa Resident Magistrate's Court
Friday, Nov. 26, 1880 (Before Justin Aylmer Esq, RM)
John Kangi was charged with stealing a pit saw, a pair of dogs, and a cant hook, the property of Charles Hammond, German Bay.
Prosecutor stated that the saw had been lent to him by Mr Leprou, and the other articles belonged to him.
By the evidence of Mr Leprou it appeared that he had lent the saw to the prosecutor and accused jointly. He had made the other tools, and looked to them both for payment.
The Bench dismissed the case.
The Court then adjourned.

NZ Electoral Roll 1881 CD ex NZSG:
Electorate      Akaroa
Number                  489
Surname      LEPROU
Given Names      Edmond
Nature Of Qualification      Freehold
Place Of Residence      Akaroa
Occupation      Blacksmith
For Property Qualification      Part section 39, Town of Akaroa

A history of Akaroa can be found at :

LE PROU, Emile Edmond (I395)
86 **********************************************
Lorna was admitted to Bulls School 10th July 1917 with Register No: 292 and later to the Wanganui Technical College in 1920.

Masterton Cemeteries On-Line (
Record 014373
Area: LAWN B
Row: D
Plot: 5
Date of death: 14/03/2002
Date of burial: 12/06/2002 
MOORE, Lorna Elise (I1366)
87 - Labourer residing at Fox Street GIFKINS, George Thomas (I6320)
88 - wife Mary Ann is listed as Married. BRAVO, John Dominic (Jack) (I3383)
89 - wife Mary Ann is listed as Married. BRAVO, John Dominic (Jack) (I3383)
90 - wife Mary Ann is not listed BRAVO, John Dominic (Jack) (I3383)
91 - wife Mary Ann is not listed. BRAVO, John Dominic (Jack) (I3383)
92 - wife Mary Ann is not listed. BRAVO, John Dominic (Jack) (I3383)
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MARSON-WOOD, Holly (I1178)
94 12 March 1893: Baptism of Sigrid Ingyard Sandahl
According to the official records of Trinity  Lutherean Church, 115 North Fourth Street, Stillwater, Minnesota:
Sigrid Ingyard Sandahl was born to Charles and Anna Sandahl on November 28 1892 at Stillwater, Minnesota and baptised on March 12 1893. She was baptised by the Rev Joel L. Haff.
Sponsors were Oscar and Hannah Sandahl.
(Copied ex Kathy Rabbits, 17 May 2017, Whakatane NZ)

Eulogy given at Sigrid's funeral:


Good morning, my name is Peter and I am one of the grandchildren .
Yes, I now need glasses, and my hair has started to go grey .....  even my generation is growing older .
When I was asked to speak about my grandmother, I felt honoured .

After 38,063 days Sigrid Ingyard Brickland is dead .

I will not attempt to verbalise your personal feelings or love for Sigrid. Those are personal for you as sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren etc . However I will attempt to give you a brief insight into the life and times in which Sigrid lived .

Born 28th November 1892 in Stillwater Minnesota, Sigrid grew into an attractive daughter for Carl and Anna Christina Sandahl .

Three years before her birth George Eastmann developed his Kodak camera, perhaps in anticipation of Sigrid's entrance to this world .
This was not the only invention or development that was happening at the time .
Andre and Eduoard Michelin were developing the pneumatic tyre for automobiles, probably to ensure that Sigrid would have a smooth ride through her life .
King C. Gillette in 1895 developed the safety razor giving the young men who would soon be knocking on the Sandahl's door time to perfect the art of a smooth face .
Tchaikovsky died the year after Grandma was born, leaving her with music to dance the many dances of her later years .
The Wright Bros waited until Sigrid was aged 11 and at school before they launched their new fangled flying machine off the ground at Kittyhawk in 1903 .

When Sigrid was 17 her father moved the family to Canada in search of work .
It was here that she developed a love for, and learnt to play the guitar and piano ; this was complimented by her two brothers on saxophone .
Her two brothers went on to form a band and Sigrid was left to go on and develop an interest in boys .
It was at about this time that Sigrid's life started to become hectic .

Following her father's love of dancing, combined with her natural beauty and magnificent dresses and hats made by her aunts, Sigrid would have attracted a fair share of attention at the local dances.
However, she once told me, with a twinkle in her eye that it was her father who escorted her to the dances, always had the first dance, and always escorted her home .. I wonder how many smooth faced young men went home alone with broken hearts and undeveloped Kodak film in their pockets .

The description of Sigrid's gay life is reinforced by the number of articles written up in the "Chase Tribune", a newspaper that she worked on as a typesetter for four years . The articles (none of which I have with me today) takes one back  through history as the sounds of the bells on a one horse sleigh ring through the snow covered Canadian countryside . You can feel the laughter of the young occupants echoing across the frozen ice of Sushwop Lake as our old friend grows into a young woman .
Even ten years ago, grandma was able to recount the personalities of her young friends mentioned in the newspaper articles . Articles written some 70 years previous .
It was during this carefree time of her life, coming down the Thompson River that Sigrid had her first sighting of Halley's Comet .
Grandma told me "at first we all thought it was a large white cloud with a long tail, we hadn't been told to expect a comet" ….. after having seen it a second time, some 76 years later in 1986 she told me "it was a bit of a fizzer really, you should have seen it last time !"  I wonder how many astronomers would pay a small fortune to have that experience .

The arrival into town of a young Police Constable named Harry Brickland was to herald an entire new age for Sigrid, and is one of the reasons why we are gathered here in NZ today, for Harry Brickland, as all of you know was to marry Sigrid on Wednesday,  April 8th 1914 .

Harry's family wanted him back in NZ with his new bride .
Sigrid's family (Swedish immigrants in a new land ) wanted their only daughter to remain in Canada .
After two children and pregnant with a third, Sigrid joined with her husband and returned to N.Z.
The return however was only for Harry ; Sigrid was sailing into the unknown.

The life and times of Sigrid through many a King Country winter can be best told by her children . They were hard times for a slightly built Swedish-American bride and raising ten children is a tribute in itself to her courage and love .

From the King Country they retired to Cambridge where all of my generation will recall the trade off of raking up walnut tree leaves in exchange for a pocket or two full of walnuts .
It is in Cambridge around the lunch table that I recall grandma never eating fresh bread . Her explanation was "fresh bread is bad for the digestive system and one will live longer without it " .... how can one argue against that theory with someone who lived 104 years and 81 days .

To Sigrid Ingyard Sandahl , daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother, friend and companion, we now say to you:
                                       "God Bless and Farewell Old Friend"

Peter Moore
20 / Feb 1997

1905 Minnesota State Census
Kerrick, Pine County, Minnesota
Carl, Anna Christina, and children are in Kerrick
Carl listed as a Hotel Keeper
Anna listed as a Domestic
Egnar & Sigrid listed as Attending school
Elwood lists no occupation
(Copy of image held by Peter Moore)

Ex NZSG Burial Locator Vol 1:
Source: NZSG Cemetery Collection
Record Number: 1306
Record Type: M/I
Year of Death: 1997
Given Names: Sigrid Ingyard
Age: 104
Location: Waipa Cemeteries - Hautapu 
SANDAHL, Sigrid Ingyard (I342)
95 132 Bel?? Road, Hampstead, London
Charles Wildbore, Boarder, Single, 25yo, Merchants Clerk, B: Waltham LINCS

Source Citation
Class: RG12; Piece: 113; Folio: 127; Page: 33; GSU roll: 6095223 
WILDBORE, Charles (I3920)
96 15th March 1889 - Letter Prepared and sent to His Excellency the Governor of New Zealand
29th March 1889 - Oath of Allegiance made to Queen Victoria and fee of 5/- received.
1st April 1889 - Oath received by Colonial Secretary with fee plus 2/6d received.
6th May 1889 - Letters of Naturalisation prepared
13th May 1889 - Letters sent to Gazette 
LE PROU, Emile Edmond (I395)
97 1825 - Sep 25th - Jane Brickland (widow) marries John Bamford (widower) in St John the Baptist, Chester Family F2238
98 1829 Parish Register reads:
Alexander Gillespie, Shopkeeper in Glasgow & Catherine McKellar residing there married 21st July by Mr Adam ?? -  ?? Minister in Barony . 
Family F1263
99 1841 Census
HO/107/29/3 Parish of Bradfield, Page 10
Rotten Row:
Fanny MOORE - Aged 68 - Born in Berkshire
Richard/Nicholas ALLUM - Aged 40 - Ag Labourer  - Born in Berkshire
Mary ALLUM - Aged 35 - Born in Berkshire
Sarah ALLUM - Aged 10 - Born in Berkshire
Elizabeth (?)ALLUM - Aged 7 - Born in Berkshire
Charles ALLUM - Aged 1 - Born in Berkshire

Is Mary the daughter (b.1806) of Fanny (Francis)

1851 Census
Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 1691; Folio: 119; Page: 30; GSU roll: 193599.
Rotten Row
Maria HARPER - Aged  80 - Proprietor of Houses
Fanny MOORE - Aged 78 - Widow - Lodger 
WARNER, Frances (I478)
100 1841 Census (Assumption to be correct Giles)
Name: Giles Warner
Age: 77
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1764
Gender: Male
Where born: Berkshire, England
Civil parish: Englefield
Hundred: Theale
County/Island: Berkshire
Country: England
Street Address: Laytons
Occupation: Ag Lab

Registration district: Bradfield Sub-registration district: Tilehurst :
Piece: 29 Book: 7 Folio: 4 Page Number: 3 Household Members:
Name     Age
Giles Warner 77
Elizabeth Warner  72
WARNER, Giles (I3760)

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