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My Mystery Grandfather

DNA testing has revealed an unexpected event. Louisa Wildbore, my Grandmother, married in 1898 and had eight children with her husband registered as their father. Two of these children died as infants. Of the remaining six, descendants of four of them have DNA tested which has revealed that two of the four were not fathered by Louisa's husband but do share a common father. This Mystery Grandfather must have been in the Feilding, Manawatu area of NZ between, at least, 1903 and 1906.
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Herbert Hartfield Harman MOORE (aka Bert, Bant)

Born 7th February 1872 in Nelson NZ to Henry & Emily MOORE.
Travelled, possibly with his brother Harry Charles, to the Feilding area of Manawatu where he met and married Louisa Maud WILDBORE in Taonui 7th November 1898.
Herbert & Louisa separated some time after Sept 1907 and apart from a 1908 Electoral Roll reference no trace of him has been found since.
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 Mystery Photos

Blacksmith - Akaroa

This is believed to be the blacksmith shop formerly owned by E.E. Le Prou in Akaroa.
Can you verify or dispute this?
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Harriet Arnell/Guy Occupation - 1851 Census

Help with identifying occupation. The image shows Harriet's occupation in the 1851 Census. At the time she was a 38 yo widow living in London.
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