Moore - Brickland Family History

Bradfield, Berkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 KERBY, Martha Elizabeth  9 Jun 1826Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2483
2 LOVEGROVE, Caroline Kate  1873Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3861
3 LOVEGROVE, Clara  1856Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3324
4 MOORE, Alexander Charles  Jul-Sep 1855Bradfield, Berkshire, England I384
5 MOORE, Alfred  Bef 14 May 1826Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2006
6 MOORE, Alfred Henry  Abt Nov 1874Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3757
7 MOORE, Caroline  1855Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2484
8 MOORE, Charles  29 Aug 1813Bradfield, Berkshire, England I377
9 MOORE, Clara  Jul-Sep 1853Bradfield, Berkshire, England I383
10 MOORE, Fanny  1801Bradfield, Berkshire, England I656
11 MOORE, Fanny  Abt 1844Bradfield, Berkshire, England I380
12 MOORE, Frank  Sep 1851Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1062
13 MOORE, Fredrick  Bef 26 Oct 1828Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2007
14 MOORE, George  8 Feb 1818Bradfield, Berkshire, England I403
15 MOORE, George  1850Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2485
16 MOORE, Henry  3 Aug 1806Bradfield, Berkshire, England I654
17 MOORE, Henry  18 Sep 1846Bradfield, Berkshire, England I256
18 MOORE, James  12 Feb 1797Bradfield, Berkshire, England I658
19 MOORE, Jane  15 Oct 1809Bradfield, Berkshire, England I653
20 MOORE, Jane  Apr-Jun 1849Bradfield, Berkshire, England I382
21 MOORE, Laura  Between 1 Apr 1842 and 30 Jun 1842Bradfield, Berkshire, England I379
22 MOORE, Mary  1804Bradfield, Berkshire, England I655
23 MOORE, Mary Ann  1819Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3749
24 MOORE, Sarah  24 Jun 1799Bradfield, Berkshire, England I657
25 PARR, Ann  1770Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2383
26 PARR, Betty  1758Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2391
27 PARR, Charles  1735Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1848
28 PARR, Charles  1772Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2384
29 PARR, Frances  1735Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1152
30 PARR, Giles  1763Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2393
31 PARR, John  1761Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2392
32 PARR, Martha  1766Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2395
33 PARR, Mary  1764Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2394
34 PARR, Sarah  1775Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2385
35 RUMBLE, Ada  1904Bradfield, Berkshire, England I4822
36 RUMBLE, Arthur William  Sep 1898Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3865
37 RUMBLE, Edith Dorothy  1894Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3863
38 RUMBLE, Ellen  1901Bradfield, Berkshire, England I4821
39 RUMBLE, Gertrude Maud  25 Oct 1914Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3866
40 RUMBLE, Louisa May  1896Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3864
41 RUMBLE, Violet Elsie  Abt 1900Bradfield, Berkshire, England I4823
42 WARNER, Frances  17 Jan 1773Bradfield, Berkshire, England I478
43 WHEELER, Anne  Abt 1801Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2005
44 WHEELER, Charles  Bef 11 Feb 1821Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2343
45 WHEELER, Charlotte  Bef 22 Feb 1829Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2338
46 WHEELER, Eliza  Bef 23 Sep 1832Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2337
47 WHEELER, Elizabeth  Bef 23 Jan 1825Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2340
48 WHEELER, George  Jul 1822Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2342
49 WHEELER, John  Bef 11 Jan 1829Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2339
50 WHEELER, Selina  Bef 3 Apr 1831Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2123

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 GARDNER, Ann  27 Jul 1789Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5447
2 GARDNER, Elizabeth  27 May 1787Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5441
3 GARDNER, James  26 Jan 1794Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5443
4 GARDNER, Martha  17 Apr 1791Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5446
5 GARDNER, Mary  18 Dec 1785Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5442
6 GARDNER, Richard  29 Jul 1784Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5445
7 GARDNER, Sarah  4 Jul 1796Bradfield, Berkshire, England I5444
8 MOORE, Fredrick  26 Oct 1828Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2007
9 MOORE, George  8 Feb 1818Bradfield, Berkshire, England I403
10 MOORE, Henry  3 Aug 1806Bradfield, Berkshire, England I654
11 MOORE, James  12 Feb 1797Bradfield, Berkshire, England I658
12 PARR, Frances  6 Dec 1735Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1152
13 PARR, Giles  30 Sep 1731Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2388
14 PARR, Martha  22 May 1742Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2390
15 PARR, Robert  22 May 1742Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2389
16 RUMBLE, Arthur William  2 Jan 1900Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3865
17 RUMBLE, Edith Dorothy  27 Jan 1895Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3863
18 RUMBLE, Gertrude Maud  13 Oct 1933Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3866
19 RUMBLE, Louisa May  14 Jun 1896Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3864
20 RUMBLE, Molly Elaine   I3867
21 WARNER, Frances  17 Jan 1773Bradfield, Berkshire, England I478
22 WARNER, Mary  21 May 1775Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1153
23 WHEELER, Moses  11 Nov 1753Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 KERBY, Edward  Feb 1876Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3320
2 KERBY, Martha Elizabeth  Jun 1856Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2483
3 MOORE, Caroline  Oct 1943Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2484
4 MOORE, Edmund  Feb 1895Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2482
5 MOORE, Henry  Mar 1826Bradfield, Berkshire, England I654
6 MOORE, Henry  Mar 1837Bradfield, Berkshire, England I477
7 PARR, Frances  Nov 1812Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1152
8 PARR, Giles  Dec 1756Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2386
9 PARR, Giles  Feb 1763Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2393
10 PARR, Martha  Jun 1742Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2390
11 PARR, Martha  Nov 1767Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2395
12 RUMBLE, Violet Elsie  1903Bradfield, Berkshire, England I4823
13 SMITH, Elizabeth  Jul 1875Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3322
14 WARNER, Frances  Jul 1859Bradfield, Berkshire, England I478
15 WARNER, Mary  Sep 1785Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1153
16 WARNER, William  Mar 1797Bradfield, Berkshire, England I1151
17 WHEELER, George  Aug 1822Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2342
18 WIGMORE, Tom William  Nov 1928Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2486
19 \\, Martha  Jan 1791Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2387


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 KERBY, Edward  23 Feb 1876Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3320
2 MOORE, Edmund  27 Feb 1895Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2482
3 PARR, Martha  18 Jun 1742Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2390
4 RUMBLE, Arthur William  13 Jan 1900Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3865
5 SMITH, Elizabeth  30 Jul 1875Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3322
6 WHEELER, George  7 Aug 1822Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2342
7 WIGMORE, Ellen  13 Apr 1914Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3332
8 WIGMORE, Kate  Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3334
9 WIGMORE, Rose  4 May 1949Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cemetery    Person ID 
1 WIGMORE, Rose  4 May 1949Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3335


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 MOORE, Edmund  3 Apr 1881Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2482
2 WARNER, Frances  30 Mar 1851Bradfield, Berkshire, England I478
3 WIGMORE, Walter Gladstone  2 Apr 1911Bradfield, Berkshire, England I3419


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 MOORE, Caroline  25 Oct 1873Bradfield, Berkshire, England I2484


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DAY / WIGMORE  8 Apr 1912Bradfield, Berkshire, England F1879
2 GARDNER / PARR  25 Mar 1784Bradfield, Berkshire, England F1441
3 KERBY / SMITH  7 Oct 1822Bradfield, Berkshire, England F1106
4 MOORE / LOVEGROVE  25 Oct 1873Bradfield, Berkshire, England F1107
5 RUMBLE / LOVEGROVE  3 Jun 1893Bradfield, Berkshire, England F1289
6 WARNER / PARR  5 Jan 1760Bradfield, Berkshire, England F358
7 WIGMORE / MOORE  21 Oct 1882Bradfield, Berkshire, England F794

Marriage Banns

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   Family    Marriage Banns    Family ID 
1 MOORE / WARNER  1796Bradfield, Berkshire, England F118


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   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 MOORE / WARNER  1796Bradfield, Berkshire, England F118