Moore - Brickland Family History

Chester, Cheshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRICKLAND, Alan   I2796
2 BRICKLAND, Ann  Between 1 Oct 1840 and 31 Dec 1840Chester, Cheshire, England I185
3 BRICKLAND, Ann  16 Nov 1841Chester, Cheshire, England I1939
4 BRICKLAND, Charles  1823Chester, Cheshire, England I3613
5 BRICKLAND, Charles  1835Chester, Cheshire, England I1928
6 BRICKLAND, Diana Ruth   I2802
7 BRICKLAND, Edward  Jan 1912Chester, Cheshire, England I1986
8 BRICKLAND, Eliza  1846Chester, Cheshire, England I1943
9 BRICKLAND, Elizabeth (Sissie)  8 Jan 1876Chester, Cheshire, England I1951
10 BRICKLAND, Geoffrey  1921Chester, Cheshire, England I1990
11 BRICKLAND, Geoffrey Frank   I1993
12 BRICKLAND, Jane  26 Jun 1834Chester, Cheshire, England I1927
13 BRICKLAND, Jane  30 Sep 1834Chester, Cheshire, England I4072
14 BRICKLAND, Jane  Between 1 Oct 1844 and 31 Dec 1844Chester, Cheshire, England I187
15 BRICKLAND, Jane  1846Chester, Cheshire, England I1931
16 BRICKLAND, John Herbert   I1992
17 BRICKLAND, Joseph  13 Oct 1852Chester, Cheshire, England I1946
18 BRICKLAND, Joseph  1882Chester, Cheshire, England I1979
19 BRICKLAND, Margaret  1848Chester, Cheshire, England I188
20 BRICKLAND, Margaret  18 Jul 1916Chester, Cheshire, England I2134
21 BRICKLAND, Mary  Abt 1820Chester, Cheshire, England I3614
22 BRICKLAND, Mary  19 Feb 1846Chester, Cheshire, England I1934
23 BRICKLAND, Rebecca  1838Chester, Cheshire, England I1936
24 BRICKLAND, Sarah  1844Chester, Cheshire, England I1942
25 BRICKLAND, Stanley  1910Chester, Cheshire, England I1985
26 BRICKLAND, Thomas  1840Chester, Cheshire, England I1938
27 BRICKLAND, Thomas  25 May 1843Chester, Cheshire, England I1930
28 BRICKLAND, Thomas  Abt 5 Dec 1854Chester, Cheshire, England I2056
29 BRICKLAND, Wilfred  1918Chester, Cheshire, England I1989
30 BRICKLAND, William  Abt Mar 1907Chester, Cheshire, England I1983
31 DEAN, Margaret  30 Jun 1793Chester, Cheshire, England I193
32 DEAN, Sarah  17 Nov 1795Chester, Cheshire, England I2122
33 GARRARD, Thomas  Abt 1813Chester, Cheshire, England I2116
34 GAVIN, Peter  2 Dec 1906Chester, Cheshire, England I3512
35 HAMPTON, Anne  30 Jun 1810Chester, Cheshire, England I2115
36 HAMPTON, Elizabeth  19 Jul 1825Chester, Cheshire, England I1376
37 HAMPTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1847Chester, Cheshire, England I5901
38 HAMPTON, Henry  24 Nov 1831Chester, Cheshire, England I1876
39 HAMPTON, John  31 Aug 1822Chester, Cheshire, England I2118
40 HAMPTON, John  Abt 1851Chester, Cheshire, England I5903
41 HAMPTON, Margaret  Abt 1840Chester, Cheshire, England I5898
42 HAMPTON, Mary  1816Chester, Cheshire, England I1375
43 HAMPTON, Richard  11 Mar 1812Chester, Cheshire, England I2120
44 HAMPTON, Richard  Abt 1849Chester, Cheshire, England I5902
45 HAMPTON, Samuel  8 Jan 1830Chester, Cheshire, England I1378
46 HAMPTON, Sarah  Abt 1827Chester, Cheshire, England I1377
47 HAMPTON, Sarah  Abt 1830Chester, Cheshire, England I2119
48 HAMPTON, Thomas  Bef 20 Jul 1788Chester, Cheshire, England I192
49 HAMPTON, Thomas  Abt 1844Chester, Cheshire, England I5900
50 HAMPTON, William  Abt 1842Chester, Cheshire, England I5899

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAMFORD, Elizabeth  26 Mar 1823Chester, Cheshire, England I6559
2 BRICKLAND, Ann  26 Nov 1841Chester, Cheshire, England I1939
3 BRICKLAND, Charles  16 Mar 1823Chester, Cheshire, England I3613
4 DEAN, Margaret  19 Jul 1793Chester, Cheshire, England I193
5 DEAN, Sarah  2 Dec 1795Chester, Cheshire, England I2122
6 GAVIN, Peter  13 Jan 1907Chester, Cheshire, England I3512
7 HAMPTON, William  27 May 1814Chester, Cheshire, England I6210
8 PRICE, Lily  11 Nov 1889Chester, Cheshire, England I6557
9 WIGGINS, Joseph Charles  27 Jun 1888Chester, Cheshire, England I6556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWDEN, Sarah  28 Feb 1884Chester, Cheshire, England I2110
2 BRICKLAND, Geoffrey  24 Dec 2008Chester, Cheshire, England I1990
3 BRICKLAND, Jane  1846Chester, Cheshire, England I187
4 BRICKLAND, John  May 1823Chester, Cheshire, England I194
5 BRICKLAND, Joseph  12 Sep 1954Chester, Cheshire, England I1979
6 BRICKLAND, Margaret  30 Jan 1851Chester, Cheshire, England I188
7 BRICKLAND, Mary  1822Chester, Cheshire, England I3614
8 BRICKLAND, Reginald  4 Nov 2004Chester, Cheshire, England I1973
9 BRICKLAND, Thomas  1843Chester, Cheshire, England I1930
10 BRICKLAND, William Charles Joseph  25 Feb 1941Chester, Cheshire, England I1953
11 DEAN, Margaret  Jun 1839Chester, Cheshire, England I193
12 HAMPTON, Thomas  20 May 1855Chester, Cheshire, England I192
13 PRICE, Lily  17 Nov 1957Chester, Cheshire, England I6557
14 SCANLAN, Esther Mary  Apr 1961Chester, Cheshire, England I3510
15 SUDDONES, William  26 Oct 1881Chester, Cheshire, England I1948
16 WIGGINS, Joseph Charles  12 Jun 1941Chester, Cheshire, England I6556
17 WILBRAHAM, Henry  16 Mar 1898Chester, Cheshire, England I2105
18 WILBRAHAM, James  21 Feb 1877Chester, Cheshire, England I111
19 WILBRAHAM, James Done  1814Chester, Cheshire, England I3509
20 WILBRAHAM, James Done  21 Feb 1877Chester, Cheshire, England I2109
21 WILBRAHAM, James Done  25 Dec 1904Chester, Cheshire, England I2111
22 WILBRAHAM, James Done  7 Mar 1957Chester, Cheshire, England I2114
23 WILBRAHAM, Thomas  1943Chester, Cheshire, England I2064


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRICKLAND, John  17 May 1823Chester, Cheshire, England I194
2 BRICKLAND, Mary  7 Feb 1822Chester, Cheshire, England I3614
3 BRICKLAND, Thomas  19 Aug 1842Chester, Cheshire, England I1938
4 INCONNU, Jane  27 Sep 1824Chester, Cheshire, England I1920
5 WIGGINS, Joseph Charles  18 Jun 1941Chester, Cheshire, England I6556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BRICKLAND, Ann  1851Chester, Cheshire, England I185
2 BRICKLAND, Thomas  1841Chester, Cheshire, England I196


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 BRICKLAND, Henry Charles  Abt 1868Chester, Cheshire, England I361
2 BRICKLAND, Henry Charles  Abt 1876Chester, Cheshire, England I361


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BAMFORD, John  1825Chester, Cheshire, England I1921
2 BRICKLAND, Charles  1876Chester, Cheshire, England I190
3 BRICKLAND, Charles  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I190
4 BRICKLAND, John  1839Chester, Cheshire, England I15
5 BRICKLAND, John  1851Chester, Cheshire, England I15
6 BRICKLAND, Joseph  1833Chester, Cheshire, England I1924
7 BRICKLAND, Joseph  1841Chester, Cheshire, England I1924
8 BRICKLAND, Joseph  1859Chester, Cheshire, England I1924
9 BRICKLAND, Joseph  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I1979
10 BRICKLAND, Thomas  8 Oct 1832Chester, Cheshire, England I196
11 BRICKLAND, Thomas  7 Jun 1841Chester, Cheshire, England I196
12 BRICKLAND, William Charles Joseph  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I1953
13 WILBRAHAM, Henry  1901Chester, Cheshire, England I1955


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 BRICKLAND, Mary  1846Chester, Cheshire, England I1934


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAMFORD / FERGUSON  25 Sep 1825Chester, Cheshire, England F2238
2 DAVIES / WIGGINS  Mar 1958Chester, Cheshire, England F2293
3 MASON / WILBRAHAM  Jul-Sep 1871Chester, Cheshire, England F809
6 WIGGINS / PRICE  1914Chester, Cheshire, England F2237
7 WILBRAHAM / ASHTON  1904Chester, Cheshire, England F1185
8 WILBRAHAM / EDGE  Apr-Jun 1913Chester, Cheshire, England F670
9 WILBRAHAM / SCANLAN  1908Chester, Cheshire, England F1183


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   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 HAMPTON / DEAN  1809Chester, Cheshire, England F77